TRD Bushings

Part #00642-48700-001

The TRD Bushing set finally arrived today, after almost two and a half months of waiting for them from Japan. I purchased them from Jay Marks Toyota in Houston.

The kit contains:

  1. Front Strut Tops x2
  2. Rear Strut Tops x2
  3. Lower Arm Bushings x4
  4. Rear Strud Rod End Bushings x2
  5. Strut Rod Bushings x8

And here is where they go on the car. Front on the left, rear on the right. The colors distinguish the different parts, and of course multiply each part by 2 for the other side of the vehicle.



Front Strut Tops (Part #48609-AW151)


Rear Strut Tops (Part #48750-AW151)


Lower Arm (Part #48564-SW252)


Rear Strut Bar End (Part #48715-SW251)


Strut Rod (Part #48674-TA451)