Toyo Proxes T1-S

Well, I splurged this week. Had always wanted a set of T1-Ss. These are the tires used in the Speedvision World Challenge road race series. And after dealing with my cheap Pirelli M+S tires from Sears in a slight rain last week, I decided to go ahead and get them. I purchased them from the local Discount Tire for ~$100/tire. I decided to keep the stock rim, since they are in good shape and fairly light already. Plus, I didn't want to sink that much more money into my '2. Maybe in a few years :)

Here's some stats on them:

There's no comparing the traction available with these things against my old set. Mind you, I've only had them for a couple hours, but I have yet to make a sound with these puppies when doing some hard cornering that would break loose my old set. This is the start of some great handling upgrades for my '2 Within the next couple of weeks, a rebuild of the entire suspension shall begin. Stay tuned! :)


And yes, 4 of the old tires can fit easily in the passenger side of an MR2 with the seat out :)