4AGE 20V Blacktop

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Diary of Swap
Cooling System


85/6 4AGE -> 4AGZE

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Air Intake Filter
Clutch Slave Cylinder
Clutch Master Cylinder
Coolant Flush
Distributor O-Rings
Exhaust Manifold
Fuel Filter
Fuel Pump Cut-off Switch
Ignition Timing
Oil Cooler Hoses
Oil Filter Adapter O-Rings
Oil Pan Gasket
Oxygen Sensor
Radiator Removal
Throttle Body Cleaning
TPS Adjustment
Water Pump


87+ Brake Upgrade
Caliper Rebuild-Front
Caliper Rebuild-Rear
Dust Shield Removal
Parking Brake Cable
SS Braided Brake Line


Ball Joint Replacement
Bushings Install - Front
Bushings Install - Rear
Steering Knuckle Removal
Struts/Springs - Front
Struts/Springs - Rear
Sway Bar End Links


87+ Antenna Replacement
Clear Turn Signals - Front
Clear Turn Signals - Rear
Door Hinges
Interior Door Triangles
Interior Headliner Painting
Interior Trim & Light Lens
Power Window Regulator
Rekeying Trunk Lock
Rust PM - Battery Bracket

Rust PM - Front Wheel Wells
Seats - MK3
Seats - Aftermarket
Shift Boot

SideMarker Mod

Sunroof Rattle
Wiper Switch


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2005 Austin
2005 Topeka NA2005
2004 Galveston
2004 Chattanooga SE2004
2003 Galveston
2002 Austin


Suspension Setup Pics
My MR2 Diary
Latest Pics of My MR2

My MR2 Diary


I tried to keep a diary of what all I did to my MR2 after the inception of this web page. However, after I got my suspension project completed I didn't keep it updated. I'll try to put the big things that happen on here in the future.

Oct 29, 2001:

Click here for install pics of front adjustable sway bar end links. My first mod!

Nov 10, 2001: (131,000 miles)

Changed oil and changed oxygen sensor.

Dec 1, 2001: (131,190 miles)

Replaced alternator, as since the beginning of the week I had the 3 warning lights come on again. I had just changed this last January. Luckily the Bosch replacement has a lifetime warranty, so it didn't cost me anything to replace. I'm thinking the alternator went out because of my quite leaky water pump and the fact that the coolant had 10 days to sit inside the alternator while I was away on vacation.

Dec 4, 2001: (131,235 miles)

Repaired wiper switch: About a year and a half ago, I purchased a wiper switch off of Ebay since my wipers no longer worked on the intermittent setting, and didn't return to their rest position. Once replaced, this 'new' switch only did not work on the intermittent setting. So I lived with this for quite a while. However, I decided tonight to do this simple fix that I had heard about at a few places.

Dec 11-13, 2001: (131,315 miles)

Replaced water pump. My water pump had been leaking for quite a while. Decided to change it this week.

Dec 30-Jan 1, 2002: (131,620 miles)

Finally, did the cone filter mod.

Jan 8, 2002: (131,710 miles)

Gave her a bath today. Was 70 degrees out, so took off work an hour early to beat the sun.

Jan 11, 2002: (131,841 miles)

Adjusted the Throttle Position Sensor and cleaned out the throttle body.

Feb 1, 2002: (132,171 miles)

TRD Bushings came in today. Have put together a bunch of pics of the various parts.

Feb 7, 2002: (132,240 miles)

Cleaned out the front wheel wells.

Tokico Illuminas adjustable shock absorbers arrived.

Feb 9, 2002: (132,300 miles)

Feb 11, 2002: (132,325 miles)

Adjusted ignition timing today after work. I noticed that the car hesitated just a little bit when going into 2nd and 3rd gears, not too much to worry about, but I was bored. When I checked it, the car was running at about 20 degrees advanced (when it should be 16). I adjusted it back to spec, and it runs better now. It also is able to idle even less, about 1k rpm after it's warmed up.

Attempted to glue the side mirror triangles back on. The tab had broken off of them long ago. It didn't work too well, as the hot glue didn't hold.

Feb 23, 2002: (132,436 miles)

Replaced stock shift boot with a new custom one.

March 1, 2002: (132,525 miles)

Ordered everything I need to replace my oil cooler lines: new braided Aeroquip hose & washers from Toyota.

March 4, 2002: (132,540 miles)

Installed new interior trim piece.

March 5, 2002: (132,550 miles)

Picked up various washers and o-rings from the dealer for my oil cooler lines replacement. Also purchased a new interior light lens & installed it. Summit Racing order also arrived.

March 7, 2002: (132,600 miles)

Received and installed clear turn signal lenses.

March 8, 2002: (132,653 miles)

Replaced fuel filter, since I've never done it.

March 9, 2002: (132,653 miles)

Long day today working on car. Replaced oil cooler lines, oil filter o-rings, and dropped the oil pan to reseal it to the block.

March 19, 2002: (132,860 miles)

Ordered a set of Toyo Proxes T1-S from Discount Tire. Also, ordered a set of ST springs from JC Whitney, to complete the purchase of all the major suspension upgrades.

March 20, 2002: (132,870 miles)

Discount Tire got my Toyos in, so I had them installed. Check out the pics.

March 21, 2002: (132,890 miles)

A couple days ago I called up Jay Marks Toyota and ordered new interior door triangle pieces, the same ones I tried to hot glue in place on 2/11. New ones came in today, check out the pics.

April 14, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 1: Well, I was bored this weekend and since I now have the new car to drive around, I decided to start tearing apart the suspension on the '2. I started with the front. Check out the strut assembly, steering knuckle, and various suspension arms (for the TRD bushings) removal. Got entire drivers front corner done, except for removal of the strut bar. Also have the strut assembly removed from the front passenger corner.

April 15, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 2: Worked for a couple hours on the suspension after work. Got the strut bar on front drivers side out and removed caliper, rotor from passenger front corner. Had a time with the tie rod end and the 3 jaw puller. So loosened the rest of the nuts in the suspension arms, and cleaned up and painted the strut housings.

April 16, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 3: Borrowed a friend's 2 & 3 jaw pullers to see if I could get that tie rod end loose. Man, those Harbor Frieght pullers I have are trash! These Craftsmen got the job done the first time! Only popped once or twice as I was tightening it down. I was able to remove the tie rod end from the passenger steering knuckle and both ball joints from the control arms. Removed rest of passenger side; knuckle, control arm, strut bar. Also removed both tie rod ends. Began cleaning up a few of the pieces, and started attacking the dust shields on the knuckles. Will continue cleaning up the pieces and giving them a coat of spray paint tomorrow. The cleaning may take a couple of days.

Also ordered new front outer tie rod ends and front ball joints from local import auto parts store. $25 for each part.

April 18, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 4: Goodridge SS brake line kit arrived today. Going to wait until suspension is back in before I work on the brake system.

Cleaned up everything with my wire brush tonight. Went to Home Depot & Walmart to get some odds and ends, brass wheel to clean parts better with a rotozip type tool, spray paint to paint em, and washers for the bushing install. I forgot the silicone grease though for the bushing install, need to go back... I've got a bunch of pics of all the parts I removed. Here, here, & here

April 19, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 5: Hit all the parts with a brass cleaning wheel on a die grinder. Sanded some stuff down as well. Painted all parts with Krylon Ultra Flat, except for a few pieces that were polished and clear coated. Here & here for pics of all the parts painted. Removed the dust shields as well with a rotozip.

April 20, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 6: Took it easy today. Only removed both front calipers and brake lines. Removed the parts from the old calipers and hit them with the die grinder to clean them up. Need to find someone with an air compressor so I can remove the piston from the caliper. Will probably finish rebuilding them tomorrow and clean up the front wheel wells.

April 21, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 7: Only popped out the caliper piston today. Cleaned it and the cylinder up a bit with denatured alcohol.

April 22, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Rotors and bag of Toyota parts arrived today via UPS.

April 23, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 8: Started cleaning the front driver's side wheel well.

April 25, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Finished cleaning front wheel wells. Masked and painted them with Ultra Flat Black. Cleaned and Armor-All'd the plastic pieces. Here's a few pics: 1, 2, 3


*Sorry I haven't been updating this page. Just been too busy with the car & things to work on the web page. I'll try to fill in as much info as possible.

April 28, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 9: Reinstalled plastic pieces to the wheel wells. Pressed in front bushings. Installed all the new suspension pieces, had to drill new hole for the TRD strut tops.

May 15, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 10: Long delay between the last time I was able to work on my '2. Parents were visiting for a week. Anyway, tore apart rear driver's side suspenion. The rear is a lot more dusty and dirty than the front was. Found out my parking brake was only being set on the driver's side. Calipers were in serious need of a rebuild.

Metal Masters brake pads arrived today.

May 20, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 11: Removed passenger rear suspension & brake bits. Started process of removing parts from one rear caliper. Having a problem with the snap ring deep down inside.

May 27, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 12: Rear calipers totally apart and cleaned. Ready for the paint and the rebuild kit. Still cleaning all the parts: driver's side parts except for axle carrier are prepped for paint. Passenger's side bolts/nuts are clean, rest of passenger parts to be cleaned this week.

June 2, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 13: Received new rear inner & outer tie rods from dealer. Ordered 3 liters of ATE Super Blue Racing brake fluid. One wheel bearing will need to be replaced, as I was able to wiggle the hub a bit in the axle carrier. Calipers and mounting brackets were painted with high-temp paint. All other parts were painted with Krylon Ultra Flat Black. Wheel wells were masked off and painted as well. Started rebuilding one of the calipers, having a problem getting the snap ring back in place.

June 9, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 14: Pressed in new rear bushings. Installed those arms into the car. Reassembled the strut assemblies.

June 10, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 15: Finished painting the driver's side axle carrier, and the passenger wheel well. Installed all the rear suspension components into the car. Put the new braided brake lines in.

June 11, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 16: Fellow MR2 owner came by to help me out with a few things. We finished rebuilding the rear calipers and installed them onto the car.

June 12, 2002: (133,124 miles)

Day 17: Installed the front calipers onto the car. Also inserted all the various clips that hold the brake pads into the mounting brackets. Friend came over and helped fill/bleed the brake system with the ATE Super Blue.

Took car out for the first time in 2 months!!! Went around the block a few times to bed in the new brake pads and rotors. Need to get an alignment still of course.

June 15, 2002: (133,135 miles)

Got an done alignment this morning. Was recommended the place by fellow MR2 owners. Unfortunately, I wasn't too thrilled with the work. Took them 2 hours to do it, and didn't get the settings as I was hoping (especially the camber settings). Here's what I ended up with:

Front: Toe 0, Camber -.9/-1.4, Caster 4.8/4.9

Rear: Toe .1, Camber -.1/-.2

October 2002 - April 2003: (135,000 miles)

4AGE 20V Blacktop engine swap. Go to that page for more details

April 27, 2003 - 135,525 miles (30,473 on engine)

Changed oil. Mobil One 10W30 & Filter. Analysis

136926 miles (31,874 on engine)

Changed oil Mobil One 10W30 & Filter. No analysis.

July 3, 2004 - 140,103 miles (35,051 on engine)

Changed oil. Mobil One 10W30 & Filter. Analysis

March 26, 2006 - 141,640 miles (36,588 on engine)
Changed oil. Mobil One 10W30 & Filter. Analysis
March 31, 2007 - 142,472 miles (37,420 on engine)
Changed oil. Mobil One 10W30 & Filter. Analysis

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