4AGE 20V Blacktop

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Diary of Swap
Cooling System



85/6 4AGE -> 4AGZE

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Air Intake Filter
Clutch Slave Cylinder
Clutch Master Cylinder
Coolant Flush
Distributor O-Rings
Exhaust Manifold
Fuel Filter

Fuel Pump Cut-off Switch

Ignition Timing
Oil Cooler Hoses
Oil Filter Adapter O-Rings
Oil Pan Gasket
Oxygen Sensor
Radiator Removal
Throttle Body Cleaning
TPS Adjustment
Water Pump


87+ Brake Upgrade
Caliper Rebuild-Front
Caliper Rebuild-Rear
Dust Shield Removal
Parking Brake Cable
SS Braided Brake Line


Ball Joint Replacement
Bushings Install - Front
Bushings Install - Rear
Steering Knuckle Removal
Struts/Springs - Front
Struts/Springs - Rear
Sway Bar End Links


87+ Antenna Replacement
Clear Turn Signals - Front
Clear Turn Signals - Rear
Door Hinges
Interior Door Triangles
Interior Headliner Painting
Interior Trim & Light Lens
Power Window Regulator
Rekeying Trunk Lock
Rust PM - Battery Bracket

Rust PM - Front Wheel Wells
Seats - MK3
Seats - Aftermarket
Shift Boot
SideMarker Mod
Sunroof Rattle
Wiper Switch


2006 Austin
2005 Austin
2005 Topeka NA2005
2004 Galveston
2004 Chattanooga SE2004
2003 Galveston
2002 Austin


Suspension Setup Pics
My MR2 Diary
Latest Pics of My MR2

Radiator Removal


If you ever happen to work on the coolant system, and have yet to do this, remove the radiator and have it flushed/cleaned out. After 15 years of use, the rad can get quite nasty, especially without proper regular coolant flushes. It's very easy to do if you already have the coolant system drained.

1) Support the front of the car on jackstands.


2) Drain the coolant out of the radiator. Either do this directly via the radiator drain, or use the draincocks in the coolant pipes running beneath the car. I chose the pipes, since my drain valve was clogged (the reason I did this repair).


3) Once you are sure the coolant has drained from the rad, disconnect the two hoses running to/from it.

4) Remove the coolant temp sensor above the bottom rad hose.


5) Remove the four 10mm bolts connecting the bottom of the rad fans to the radiator.


6) Disconnect the 2 rad fan plugs (green) and remove the 10mm bolts attaching the fans to the rad. The fans should now be loose from the radiator. However, you won't be able to remove them from the car just yet. (If you have the car jacked up high enough you could remove them from the bottom.)


7) Remove the horn by disconnecting the plug and the 10mm mounting bolt (red). And then remove the two 10mm bolts attaching the rad to the body of the car.


8) The rad and it's fans should then be loose. Remove the radiator first by pulling it straight up, then remove the fans.


9) Pics of the fans


Before taking the rad to a radiator shop, I attempted to clean it myself. After using the water hose & air compressor here's a sample of what came out of the thing.


So I decided to have a radiator shop do the job properly. It cost $60 for them to disassemble the rad to clean & pressure test it thoroughly. They also painted it for me:


10) Installation is just the reverse of the removal. Insert the fans first if you don't have room enough to put them in from underneath the car.

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