4AGE 20V Blacktop

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Diary of Swap
Cooling System



85/6 4AGE -> 4AGZE

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Air Intake Filter
Clutch Slave Cylinder
Clutch Master Cylinder
Coolant Flush
Distributor O-Rings
Exhaust Manifold
Fuel Filter

Fuel Pump Cut-off Switch

Ignition Timing
Oil Cooler Hoses
Oil Filter Adapter O-Rings
Oil Pan Gasket
Oxygen Sensor
Radiator Removal
Throttle Body Cleaning
TPS Adjustment
Water Pump


87+ Brake Upgrade
Caliper Rebuild-Front
Caliper Rebuild-Rear
Dust Shield Removal
Parking Brake Cable
SS Braided Brake Line


Ball Joint Replacement
Bushings Install - Front
Bushings Install - Rear
Steering Knuckle Removal
Struts/Springs - Front
Struts/Springs - Rear
Sway Bar End Links


87+ Antenna Replacement
Clear Turn Signals - Front
Clear Turn Signals - Rear
Door Hinges
Interior Door Triangles
Interior Headliner Painting
Interior Trim & Light Lens
Power Window Regulator
Rekeying Trunk Lock
Rust PM - Battery Bracket

Rust PM - Front Wheel Wells
Seats - MK3
Seats - Aftermarket
Shift Boot
SideMarker Mod
Sunroof Rattle
Wiper Switch


2006 Austin
2005 Austin
2005 Topeka NA2005
2004 Galveston
2004 Chattanooga SE2004
2003 Galveston
2002 Austin


Suspension Setup Pics
My MR2 Diary
Latest Pics of My MR2

  • 2.25" front, 1.75" rear drop

Info: It is believed that the earlier TRD springs (produced before '92) were made by Eibach to TRD specs, and had a drop of 1". These springs owned by those on this page have newer TRD springs, which have the above listed drop.

Update: Here's some info from J Red and BryanH of the MR2 Owners Club regarding the two different TRD springs:

J Red: "While there may have been a set of springs that only dropped 1", I don't believe that TRD sells them now. The only spring available in the US from the dealer is the 1" advertised spring (P/N: 48130-AW100) which dropped both of my cars approximately 2.25F/1.75R. BryanH got similar results from the same spring set.

I have never seen any other spring set, other than the Gymkhana and Rally spring sets in an old TRD catalog. These aren't "lowering springs. I would feel confident telling you that if you order the TRD set from your dealer or Fensport, etc., that you will get the spring set you're after.

The part number on the springs is different than the set. Both can be verified here:


The front is 48131-AW110
The rear is 48231-AW110

Those numbers should be painted onto the springs themselves. If the numbers match, and you either shorten or replace the front bump stop with a shorter one, you should be there."

J Red: "TRD USA's part number 00602-48130-003 is the Toyota Technocraft Japan, Ltd.'s number 48130-AW100 which has been in place since 1997, and perhaps earlier. Hence, they are "TRD Japan" springs.

Those springs list rates of 2.9/5.0 kg/mm F/R on this page of the TRD Japan website, and show a drop of 1.0 F/R, in the 1997 TRD All Parts Catalog. In my experience, they drop the car lower than that..."

BryanH: "My TRD set was purchased new in February 2003 direct from TRD. They lowered the car a lot. Others have put TRD springs in and not gotten much lowering - I'm not sure why. But mine really slammed the car - I had zero fender gap up front. It looked great, and rode pretty smoothly. The spring rates were a good compromise for street driving and weekend racing. But the springs were just too low for their own good. I constantly scraped over speedbumps, the front outside tire would rub the fender during a U-turn (even though my tires were smaller in diameter than stock ones!), and I had insufficient suspension travel up front, which created resolute understeer on the track."

TRD w/ Koni yellows, Borbet Type C, 17"x7.5 wheels, Yokohama Parada 205/40 ZR-17 tires [JerRed]

TRD w/ Koni Yellows, Rota Slipstream 15" wheels & Toyo T1-S Proxes 195-55-15 [BryanH]


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